Branding – Events – Video
Product design, video production and event production for EliteClub, a private business club.
EliteClub Yachts
Our creative team developed every aspect of EliteClub’s brand from corporate design, product design and marketing concept, including promotional video production.
EliteClub Bottle
EliteClub Yacht branding
The graphics team developed EliteClub logo, product design, packaging as well as EliteClub merch.
EliteClub Logo
EliteClub Poster Ad
EliteClub is a very visual brand, therefore the brief is always about aspiring aesthetics. From branding to video production, our team created commercials and lifestyle videos shot abroad for an international audience.
EliteClub Logo Letter
EliteClub Stamp
EliteClub Clothes
Our events team planned and executed EliteClub events, which happened all around the Europe. As an international business club, the types of events planned for EliteClib are conferences and networking events empowered with great entertainment.
EliteClub Yachts
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