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EliteClub Branding service EliteClub Yacht shooting EliteClub Bottle design EliteClub VIP Membership - Welcome Box EliteClub Yacht shooting


Our client EliteClub is an exclusive members' club that connects people around the world who want to get the best in their lives. EliteClub offers its members exclusive access to an international network, exceptional deals, offers & peerless lifestyle opportunities.

Our agency developed every aspect of EliteClub’s brand from corporate design, product design & marketing, including promotional video production.

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@media box is the first multi-media TV box designed for home entertainment where you can seamlessly stream your favourite programs from different sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Live TV, watch ads & get paid. Our team developed a smart algorithm that matches user’s interest with adverts on TV.

@media box is a completely new product on the market & our agency helped the brand with market research. We created their corporate design & brand material. Our agency developed their marketing strategy & manages their social media channels. Our team also worked on @media box product design, packaging design as well as website development & promotional video content.

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Lyconet Branding service Lyconet Event production with over 50.000 people in germany Lyconet Online Sensation - Event production in greece Lyconet Online Sensation - Event production in greece (Behind the Scene) Lyconet Event production with over 50.000 people in germany First digital Lyconet Online Sensation


Lyconet is a global marketing network that operates in more than 50 countries worldwide & focuses on individual coaching as well as mentoring. The network hosts exclusive events where entrepreneurs can network & thrive on their career paths.

Our agency team created Lyconet’s corporate design, website design & developed brand material. Our production team filmed promotional content for Lyconet’s website & social media. Our event specialists helped to plan & organise various Lyconet events, which were held both online as well as live.

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Codelab Branding service Codelab Office Branding Warsaw Codelab Office Branding Warsaw Codelab Office Branding Warsaw

360 Codelab

Our client 360Code Lab is a software company that is an expert in all things tech. 360Code Lab is a full-service provider that caters to the needs of various businesses in terms of IT development. The company offers tailored solutions ranging from project evaluation, platform development & ongoing frontend support.

Our agency developed corporate design & brand material for 360Code Lab. We helped the software company to establish the profile on social media as a B2B business and identified their target audience as well as content plan.

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ONENSENSE Branding service ONESENSE Basenshot packaging ONESENSE packaging design ONESENSE packaging design for Gelenkskomplex


ONESENSE believes in the healing power of nature & has managed to adapt thousand-year-old medicinal knowledge to people's modern-day needs. The products do not use any kind of additives & thus ensure that only healthy ingredients are contained in all their products.

Our client ONESENSE is all about health & wellness. Our agency helped to translate their philosophy to all their product packaging aligned with brand ethos, style & colours. Our production team enjoyed filming ONESENSE promotional content in beautiful Austrian nature. The development of promotional material tells the brand story, which reflects the brand’s values & dedication to people’s health & wellness.

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myWorld Branding service myWorld Office London - Branding myWorld Keynote Livestream myWorld branding on F1 car myWorld sponsoring the F1


With locations in over 50 countries, myWorld International Limited is a global company whose Benefit Program is enjoyed by thousands of Partners & millions of Shoppers. An international group operates worldwide myWorld Benefit Program that offers a wealth of attractive benefits for shoppers around the world.

Our client myWorld is very innovative & always comes up with new ideas. Our agency is a creative force behind many of myWorld’s projects. Our team worked on myWorld’s corporate design as well as their brand material. Our production team created a virtual stage for myWorld’s first keynote speech & worked on different promotional videos.

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As a holistic agency, we are committed to analyse your company from different angles & express it through effective branding.

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mediaWorld Branding Service

Starting a new business or thinking to give your existing brand a refreshing update? We help you to activate your brand online & offline, connect & engage with the right audience. Our team of experts will build your brand with a strong brand identity that is unique, credible & engaging.

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Brand strategy
& positioning

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mediaWorld Digital Media Service
Digital Media

Build your brand awareness on social media & turn your target audience into brand ambassadors. We make engaging & visual content whether it is a social media post or a newsletter. Our digital specialists will choose the right social media channel to spread your brand’s key message, increase the awareness & your brand’s visibility online.

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Social & Digital

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mediaWorld Video Production Service
Video Production

Did you know that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video? Video is a perfect way to give brands a voice & to tell a compelling brand story in the most visual way possible. Our in-house production team produces all forms of visual stories, whether it is a TV commercial, animated content or social media video.

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mediaWorld Digital Design Service
Digital Design

Did you know that 94% of people notice the appearance of your web design first & then decide whether to stay or exit your website? To ensure your website is visible, functional, user friendly & appealing to your audience, our website experts are here to help. From organic search to UX design, we build websites for the best digital experience on all devices.

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mediaWorld Event Production Service
Event Production

Are you thinking to host an event? Well planned & organised events are perfect ingredients to a successful brand awareness. Our team of event specialists help you to make unforgettable events tailor-made for your brand. With years of experience in creating memorable events, business networking & exhibitions, you are in great hands with our agency.

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